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Pick Szeged Zrt., a member of the Bonafarm Group and one of the largest  meat processing companies in Hungary and in Central Europe, makes its products from the very best raw materials.
Our meat demand is met in large part by Bóly Zrt., Dalmand Zrt. and Fiorács Kft., guaranteeing that our consumers always receive top quality products made with ingredients originating from controlled sources.
The strict food safety inspection system of our production serves to ensure that our products are both tasty and safe.
The five plants of the company cover the whole spectrum of the meat industry from slaughtering to the wholesale and retail distribution of meat and meat products.

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Pick Szeged Zrt. is one of the largest meat processing companies in Hungary and in Central Europe, producing brands Pick, Herz, Família and Ringa.
The company has plants in three Hungarian cities: Szeged, Baja and Alsómocsolád.


Bonafarm Zrt. Porték 2015.03.09.

Gergely Pókos

President of Board

Endre Nagy

General manager

Gábor Ámann

Sales manager


Péter Kásler

Supply chain manager

András Érszegi

Financial manager

Bajkai Tibor

Director of Development and Quality Management

László Madarász

László Madarász

Marketing & Strategy Director

Marianna Némethné Pálffy

Marianna Némethné Pálfy

Production Director - Meat products

János Majsa

János Majsa

Engineering Director



  • PPick Szeged Co.
  • SSole-Mizo
  • CCsányi Winery Co.
  • BBóly Co.
  • FFiorács Ltd.
  • DDalmand Co.
  • BB-Bábolna Takarmány Ltd.
  • BBonafarm Co.
  • OBonOffice Ltd.

Pick Szeged Co.

H-6725 Szeged,
Szabadkai út 18.

Postal Address:
H-6701 Szeged, Pf.: 15.

Phone: +36/62-567-000
Fax: +36/62-567-313