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Bonafarm fields of operation

Every product at Bonafarm has its own story written by the Group from the foreword to the end. Every single letter of this story represents the centuries-old tradition of our predecessors. This is why every Bonafarm story has a happy ending, with top-quality food and drinks served.

Dairy cattle raising

The company group raises dairy cattle at six sites of Bóly Zrt. where a total of 4,000 Holstein-Friesian dairy cows produce milk. The nutrient-rich, customised diet and good keeping conditions of the cows result in top-quality milk every day, which is then turned into the dairy products of Mizo and Sole through a modern, inspected production process.

The quality of the company group’s milk production is well illustrated by the following facts and figures:
– in 2010 our milk cows yielded over 20 million litres of top quality raw milk for the milk processing companies of the Bonafarm Group;
– the average 305-day closed milk production cycle of our dairy cows is close to 10,000 kg, which ranks us among the best on the Hungarian market;
– in recognition of the top quality livestock raising of the company, the Society of Holstein-Friesian Cattle Breeders certified us for raising breeder bulls;
– the farm is able to cater to special needs, such as by producing kosher milk.

Our investment in Csípőtelek has resulted in what is definitely Hungary’s and most probably Europe’s most modern dairy farm. The farm allows us to improve the comfort level and health status of our animals and increase their useful lifecycle, resulting in increased milk yields while allowing our livestock to lead more enjoyable lives.

The farm also operates a manure separator, which recycles a significant proportion of liquid manure to be used by our crop production sector to refresh soil fertility. In addition to technological innovations, we also invest heavily in the further training of our employees. The genetic development of the dairy stock is also continuous. On the Hungarian HGI (high genetic index) list of 337 farms, three Bonafarm farms finished in 2nd, 27th and 37th place respectively. Widespread recognition of our professional activities is clearly indicated by the Breeding Grand Prize won at the 5th Kaposvár Animal Breeding Exhibition.