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Bonafarm fields of operation

Every product at Bonafarm has its own story written by the Group from the foreword to the end. Every single letter of this story represents the centuries-old tradition of our predecessors. This is why every Bonafarm story has a happy ending, with top-quality food and drinks served.

Chicken breeding

Within the Bonafarm Group, chickens are bred at eight sites of Bóly Zrt. We manage the whole process from keeping parent flocks and producing hatching eggs to hatching baby chicks and producing broiler chicken. Constant care and our own fodder crop guarantee that our customers always receive fresh and frozen chicken meats of the highest possible quality.

The basis for breeding is the egg production by 110,000 parent flocks of the Hubbard F15 and Cobb 500 breeds. 95% of the 12–13 million eggs produced by the parent flocks are hatching eggs. Half of them are sold on the market and the other half are hatched at the company’s own farms. Bóly Zrt. pays for the fattening of over 2.5 million hatched baby chicks at partners within the integration system.

In addition to the hatching baby chicks, our partners also receive fodder from our company at Bóly to guarantee that good breeding quality combined with good quality fodder results in top quality fattened broiler chickens.

The fattened broiler chickens are slaughtered at the poultry slaughterhouse at Pécs-Reménypuszta of Rem-Bó Kft., a company owned by Bóly Zrt. Since the professionals of Bóly Zrt. monitor the entire production process, the company can guarantee that the approximately 5,000 tons of fresh and frozen poultry meat from the slaughterhouse is of top quality when it reaches Hungarian customers and the counters of stores in the neighbouring countries.