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Bonafarm fields of operation

Every product at Bonafarm has its own story written by the Group from the foreword to the end. Every single letter of this story represents the centuries-old tradition of our predecessors. This is why every Bonafarm story has a happy ending, with top-quality food and drinks served.

Fodder production

The crop growing companies of the Bonafarm Group provide the livestock of the Group with top quality fodder to ensure that the requirements of our food processing companies for high quality raw materials are fully met. We produce a total of over 300,000 tons of fodder per year, 200,000 tons of which is produced by Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Kft., a key player on the Hungarian fodder market.

The fodder needs of Bonafarm’s livestock, however, cannot be met only from our own crop production. Therefore, we supplement our fodder raw materials with products purchased from our integrated partners and other reliable sources. That means our farm animals are given quality fodder and we can sell our customers high quality fodder mixes.

The ideal fodder mixes for the various livestock are prepared using the modern premixes of Bonafarm-Bábolna Kft. at six fodder mixing plants of the Company Group. We ensure top quality by closely monitoring the composition of our premixes and running regular tests to optimise inner content.

The quality of our fodder mixes is continuously monitored by our laboratory in Mohács to filter out lower quality fodder and thereby prevent reduced milk output and weight gain of pigs. We always put together a diet to suit the age and health condition of our livestock as well as the season. In order to ensure the improving quality of our fodder mixes, we collaborate with Hungarian universities and research institutes, attend science conferences, keep abreast of articles in the most significant trade periodicals and provide the possibility for our employees to obtain engineering qualifications and other degrees.