4 sales agents, 1 director of sales and 1 sales assistant works in the large-scale production team. All employees have higher education qualifications and several years’ professional experience. Large-scale production plants, high-capacity stockbreeding farms and feed mix plants nationwide are listed amongst our partners. Our main task involves establishing contracting terms and conditions and financial schemes corresponding to the requirements of commercial activities, partners and the company alike.
Unique sales potentials:
2000 sales outlets in Hungary

In addition to the large-scale production plants and stock-breeding farms with capacities of over 100 000, the partnership contacts of Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Kft. also include medium and small-holdings, and even family-run farms. We have been supplying our products in user-friendly packaging to these organisations since 1998 through the unique nationwide brand representation network set up Hungary.
Our target involves making our products available to everyone according to the same set of conditions. 50 brand representatives and over 70 resellers and producers participate in sales operations. With their help we have been able to set up approximately 2000 sales points nationwide, which represents a unique network in Hungary.
Although we are able to ensure a wide selection in every product range, we nevertheless do offer products that can be economically used at every production level and are highly successful nationwide. This specific range includes for example, BF-20 pig feed, premium pig concentrates, farm feed premix concentrates, the entire range of complex premixes, as well as our own brand name feed mixes. Our professional specialists offer precious assistance for selecting of the most suitable product, as well as for adjusting the product to production capacities. We also offer a special service, namely specialists and vets offering specialist advice are continuously at the disposal of producers. Export activities also play a key role in company activities.



Joint R&D project with the University of Kaposvár

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