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As a member of the Bonafarm Group, Bóly Zrt. is committed to producing good things and producing them well. Not surprisingly, therefore, we ensure that our short, medium and long-term strategies are always subject to reliable quality control. Bóly’s way of life relies not only on the past but also on its present and future. The farm, established on what were once the lands of Count Montenuovo-Batthyány in Bóly and of Archduke Albrecht in Bellye, is a major agricultural player, occupying nearly 20,000 hectares of land as it does in the region bordered by the Mecsek hills and the rivers Danube and Dráva. Large-scale farming in the modern sense was introduced to the area as early as the beginning of the 1700s. One of the greatest figures in Hungarian agriculture, agronomist Adolf Gusztáv Manninger, became the Montenuovo-Batthyány estate steward in 1918. His outstanding achievements include the growing of the famous Hungarian Bánkúti wheat varieties.

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The successful operation of Bóly Zrt. is based on the good quality land, the constant renewal and the latest technologies. Success is due to the technical improvements, and the organizational structure which enhances effectiveness.


János Ádám

János Ádám

General manager

Krisztina Tóthné Fábián

Krisztina Tóthné Fábián

Finance manager

Béla Macháty

Béla Macháty

Deputy manager

Tibor Nagy

Tibor Nagy

Pig Breeding Director


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Bóly Co.

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