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Wine is the incarnation of tradition. Our winery goes back to quite old times in Hungarian history and was founded by Zsigmond Teleki as the Château Teleki Winery. The company’s vineyards, which later became Villányi Borászati Rt., are situated in the best parts of the Villány wine region including Kopár, Csillagvölgy and Hársos. The total vineyard area exceeds 340 hectares. When the company became Csányi Borászati Rt. in 2002, it took up the traditions of quality winemaking.

An ambitious plan resulted in a modern wine-making concern. But, despite being equipped with technology indispensable to advanced viniculture, we never forget the great traditions of winemaking, that is to say making wines which safely carry all the values of the grapes grown in our vineyards. Our state-of-the-art processing system is built firmly upon traditional techniques.

Wines are aged in traditional wood or barrique barrels and then securely bottled in a line system which is currently considered to be the most advanced. Thus we produce 2 million bottles of wine a year.

Csányi Winery became a member of the Bonafarm Group of agro-industrial companies in 2005. Since then it has participated in efforts to observe tradition in a style which suits the modern age. Csányi Pincészet operates a very advanced quality assurance system. We possess one of the best-equipped oenological laboratories in the country, performing tests not only on our own wines but also on commission from the entire Villány wine region. In the future, we plan to increase the area of our vineyards and introduce more efficient vinicultural techniques. We will also streamline and redesign our product offer as well as introducing Csányi Pincészet to a wider group of wine-loving consumers, sharing our expertise with a larger audience of interested people.

Ars Poetica

We have an exceptional micro-climate. A rival to that of Bordeaux.

We have a rich, fertile soil. A generous gift of nature.

We have a proud tradition. We inherited it from Zsigmond Teleki,
whose hands helped to revive the vineyards of Europe.

We have 21st century technology. We believe in the power of brave innovation.

We have all that is required to compose great wines.

And we have yet another thing: devotedness, the final aim of which is
to have our wines listed among the best ones of the world.

We have devotedness, the final aim of which is to create such wines that inspire to new adventures, to good conversations and the enjoyment of life. Thus we have hidden in each and every glass of wine a thought and a smile.

Csányi Winery. Inspiration bottled.


László Romsics

László Romsics

General manager

Szabina Mim

Szabina Mim

Financial manager

Éva Mikó

Éva Mikó

Sales and Marketing manager

Zoltán Szakál

Zoltán Szakál



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