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Besides traditional crop growing (winter wheat, oily plants) the production of sowing seeds and the growing of vegetables on irrigated arable land are of decisive importance among the activities of the company. We have 8,800 hectares altogether of arable land, of which 950 hectares can be irrigated.

The decisive sector within animal breeding at Dalmand Co. is pig farming. We operate the most modern pig breeding nucleus farm which supplies the group’s pig farms with breeding sows which are completely free from the eight diseases which are known for causing the biggest economic damage to pig farming. We also operate a new pig farm accommodating 200 pigs, which supplies the entire group with genetic material (sperm).

At our own farms and at the integrated sites, our company produces altogether more than 150,000 fattened (or slaughter) pigs a year, and we also have a fish pond system of 260 hectares and a forestry of 1,900 hectares.

Ars Poetica

The predecessor of Dalmand Zrt. was founded in 1949 with a territory of 2000 acres. Currently it is one of the largest and most well-known agricultural company of the country.


János Ádám

János Ádám


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Sándor Csillag

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