Fields of Operation

Dalmand Zrt. operates in Tolna County, south-western Hungary. The climate and soil characteristics of the land are differing, but agricultural production is done on a high level on all sites. Apart from the traditional crop farming (autumn wheat, corn, oil crops) seed production is also significant. The hybrid corn is processed on sites of Bóly Zrt, an other Bonafarm member.
As part of the Group’s pig investment programme, Hungary’s most advanced pig nucleus site was set up at the Dalmand’s Szilfás site. This farm has supplied the Group’s Bóly sites with breeding stock since 2008. Retention of the modern Rattlerow-Seghers variety of pig, characterised by excellent breeding capability as well as the availability of appropriate site technology, had made it possible to achieve standards in our pig breeding operations that are on a par with Europe’s best.

Dalmand Zrt. also engages in fish breeding in a series of fish ponds created by valley dams that cover 220 hectares in the vicinity of Szilfás. The primary species are carp and pike. The fish hatchery, built in 2008, required serious professional expertise. It now meets the company’s requirements for young fish, supplied to Hungarian customers in increasing quantities.



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