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Sole-Mizo was created through the merger of two leading Hungarian dairy companies in 2006 and quickly became domestic market leader, turning over EUR 150 million annually whilst providing work to 1000 employ­ees. Production is concentrated at four Hungarian sites and a new unit in southern Serbia established in 2011. Bonafarm Group’s vertically integrated structure permits delivery to Sole-Mizo of the best quality raw materi­als and therefore most of the liquid milk produced originates from our own strictly controlled farms.

Our products are very popular in Balkan countries such as Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia and Romania. We are also currently introducing more and more products to the Middle East and the USA.

Sole-Mizo has significant experience in the production of halal and  kosher dairy products. Besides producing our own brands, we provide our  business partners with the ability to market their own private label products.

Our company places great emphasis on innovation and new product development. The production capacity and level of technology available at our production sites comply with the most stringent EU  standards. High quality is continuously ensured by strict hygiene standards and  quality control, which together meet all the requirements of modern nutrition.

Ars Poetica

Sole-Mizo processes over 400 million litres of milk each year at 4 sites operated under strict quality control. Its always fresh and long-lasting dairy products are popular both in Hungary and abroad.


Gerbrant Redmer De Boer

Gerbrant Redmer De Boer


Sándor Szentesi

Sándor Szentesi

Sales manager

Norbert Gallai

Norbert Gallai


István Béres

István Béres

Production manager


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