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Bonafarm fields of operation

Every product at Bonafarm has its own story written by the Group from the foreword to the end. Every single letter of this story represents the centuries-old tradition of our predecessors. This is why every Bonafarm story has a happy ending, with top-quality food and drinks served.

Chicken breeding

Poultry Farming

Bonafarm Agriculture has four poultry breeding facilities. We supervise the entire process starting from caring for the breeding pairs through the production of hatching of the eggs to the production of broiler chickens.

Thanks to continuous monitoring, and the fact that we produce our own feed, we can guarantee that the fresh and deep-frozen poultry meat is delivered to the shops at the highest level of quality. Our partners receive day-old chicks, as well as the feed from Bonafarm Agriculture. This way we can make sure that excellent feed and breeding stock will add up to high-quality broiler chickens in the end.
Breeding couple farms
In our two plants for breeding stock and laying hens, we keep one of the leading broiler species (Cobb 500). We have almost 110, 000 breeding couples laying broiler hatching eggs. In the plant we use conventional, as well as, automatic laying nest technologies.