Bonafarm fields of operation

Every product at Bonafarm has its own story written by the Group from the foreword to the end. Every single letter of this story represents the centuries-old tradition of our predecessors. This is why every Bonafarm story has a happy ending, with top-quality food and drinks served.

The true story of our wine

Csányi Pincészet Zrt., the winery of the Bonafarm Group, has a long history; its foundations were laid by Zsigmond Teleki in 1881 when he established the Chateau Teleki Winery. Our vineyards occupy some of the best slopes of the Villány wine region over a total of 340 hectares of land, and we also have one of the best equipped wine laboratories of the country.

We have become a modern wine producing business with an annual output of two million bottles of wine due to our large-scale development projects and state-of-the-art technology. Technological innovations aside, we have not forgotten the traditions of winemaking. We still follow in the footsteps of Zsigmond Teleki when making our wooden barrel (including barrique oak barrel) award winning wines. In our quality assurance system, every employee lends their name to each bottle they have worked with to ensure that the quality of their work can be traced back even in ten years’ time.